About Us

About Us

RK Body and Soul is intended to give the best health and fitness services in Hyderabad, India and Online personal training in India. Our facility is solely supported by one-on-one training to offer you the simplest full attention at your comforts!

RK Body and Soul provides the best personal trainers at home, yoga trainers at home and online fitness training in India. Our team has many years of experience in weight loss training, postnatal workouts, yoga training, installing the new gym, setting up the GYM and Yoga studios in gated communities, Personal Gym / Home GYM and cooperate sector. Our team is skilled in teaching, training the gym trainers and yoga trainers and repair, installation, maintenance of the branded gym equipment in India.

We concentrate on the right configuration altogether the below elements to make sure your success!

Achieve your health and fitness goals with our personal trainer in India!

Fitness trainers in Hyderabad aren't only individuals who can't assemble sufficient inspiration to return to the GYM or adhere to their exercise schedule. They can likewise assist you with accomplishing top fitness objectives by making an interesting activity plan only for you. Look no further as we list the best gym trainers and yoga trainers in Hyderbad with first-class close to home preparing programs.
Accomplish your #fitnessgoals with its group of exceptionally qualified and committed fitness trainers. Its preparation program is curated to accommodate your character and draw out the best of your capacities. Accomplish more with a private stretching session where the Personal Trainer will help correct physical stresses, inflexibility, rigidity and mobility issues.

Best personal trainers in Hyderabad

We Evaluation: Complete Past, Present & Goal Assessment
Current Health/Ailment Evaluation.
Exercise: Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility and Marathon Training.
Training: Motivational Support, Expert Supervision & Safety

Registered with Govt.of Telangana State [2015].
Registered with Govt.of India [MSME].


Our Fitness Team Profile

Rakesh Rathod - Founder and Director

Mr Rakesh Rathod lay the foundation stones of his company, RK BODY AND SOUL. He has more than 20+ yrs of experience in fitness industry and a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Trainined and certified in CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] - St.John Ambulance, Krav Maga (Self Defence) and Diploma in Nutrition. Mr Rathod has worked for many renowned organizations and trained many high profile clients. He has also organized many events related to fitness, group Yoga sessions, nutrition, weight loss diet plan etc., in Hyderabad, Telangana. Having a passion for fitness, he trains people by applying concepts like Anatomy, Kinesiology, Cardiopulmonary Anatomy, and Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Physiology in his training regime.
Specializes in Fat Loss, Exercise and Yoga For PCOD / PCOS / Thyroid, Muscle gain, posture alignment, Post Natal, Rehabilitation Exercises and Strength training. Apart from these, he is also into Group Training, Body Building, Circuit Training, and Agility Training for kids and Self Defense.

Bharath Kumar - Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified in CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation]

Bachelor Degree in Physical Education

Experience 6+ Years

Professional Wrestler & National Level Player

Bharath was a competitive athlete throughout his academic years. His fitness training journey started as a fitness trainer under L&T Serence County Hyderabad, furthermore his training certification, he currently holds a Bachelor in Physical Education. As a fitness trainer, Bharath's central goal is to advance your fitness and execution so you can accomplish the perfect personal satisfaction. He assists his clients with reasonable and useful body transformation and has expertise in body recomposition (fat loss and muscle building), sports execution, strength and conditioning. He engages thin, fat experts with proof-based strategies to acquire muscle and lose fat all year!

Naresh Kumar - Fitness Trainer & Internataional Powerlifting Gold Medalist

Experience 6+ Years

Silver Medal In Osmaina University (2017 & 2018)

National Gold and International Gold Medal (2019)

Naresh is a competitor and has run proficient occasions in powerlifting. He has more than 6 years of involvement with the fitness industry and has fostered his insight, experience, and range of abilities to an amazingly elevated requirement.

B.Tarun - Fitness Trainer

Experience 2+ Years

He specialises in weight loss coaching and fitness training. His health-changing programs include an efficient personnel training program at home or gym, fat loss, and a muscle gain program.

Sridhar Uppal (Marketing Head)- Fitness Trainer and Power Yoga Instructor

Experience 8+ Years