12 Health benefits of Flax Seed

12 Health benefits of Flax Seed


Flax seeds have been grown and cultivated for over 6000 years. They are one of the most ancient crops and have some wonderful health benefits for the human body. Sticking to a diet with a suitable blend of different fatty acids in the proper proportions has been linked to a lowered risk of heart disease, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Our modern diet tends to be low in omega-3 fatty acid which causes a fatty acid imbalance in the body. Once way of including more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is to regularly eat fatty fish, another way is to eat more flax seeds or flax seed oil. Earlier, flax seed was grown over most parts of Europe and an important part of the diet. One of the things that the Puritans brought with them when they left Europe for a new life in North America was actually this small seed. Including more healthy flax seed in your daily diet is actually very easy.

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To begin with, simply sprinkle some ground flax seed over your breakfast cereals or over your yoghurt. It is important to ground the flax seeds prior to consumption, otherwise they will go through your body unaffected and your intestines will not be able to extract the fatty acids from the seed. (Eating whole flax seeds is a good idea if you suffer from problems with constipation since they add bulk to your diet and also form a slimy coating when they come in contact with liquids.)

Top 12 Health Benefis of Flax seeds.

  1. These small golden coloured seeds are the number one source of lignans in a human diet. Lignans are antioxidants which balance hormones throughout the body.

  2. Many people eat flax seeds as they are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins. These help your hair to grow by reducing dryness and a flaky scalp.

  3. The fibre in flax seed powder has been scientifically shown to reduce cholesterol, as it causes more fat to be excreted when you use the toilet. The soluble fibre also helps to trap bile forcing the body to produce more in the gallbladder which breaks down fat.

  4. The power is often used by those with coeliac disease as it is completely gluten free, and has anti-inflammatory properties which is easy to digest for a sensitive stomach.

  5. Benefits of Flax seed powder can be used as an alter native to flour in baking and works well when combined with coconut flour.

  6. The lignans within the seeds also have anti-aging effects as they help cells to regenerate. This protects the body from degrading with age.

  7. They also have the ability to regulate oestrogen levels in both men and women. This is excellent to protect women from certain types of cancer after menopause.

  8. Studies have also shown that flax seeds can reduce the risk of prostate, ovarian, breast and colon cancer due to their ability to regulate hormones and boost healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

  9. Many menopausal women take healthy flax seeds in their breakfast smoothies to help to calm hot flashes and night sweats. It also helps to regulate periods for younger women.

  10. These essential fatty acids reduce blood clotting and triglycerides in the body. This helps to protect you heart from failure and heart disease.

  11. In order to consume flax seeds, it is important that they are ground, as the whole seeds may pass straight through the body due to their shells. Use a pestle and mortar to achieve this.

  12. Sprouted Flax Seeds on the other hand contain even more health benefits than the dormant variety. Soak flax seeds in water and stir occasionally for 2-4 days. This activates the seeds and make them more nutritious.

If you prefer to start your day with a sandwich rather than cereals, why not purchase bread with grounded flax seeds or make your own bread at home? Flax seeds taste great in virtually any type of bread; from really white wheat bread to heavy rye loaves made from sourdough.


This is one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet as it is rich in nutrients which fight off disease. Flax seeds can be ground to create flax seed powder. This is much better to consume, as your body can easily absorb its nutrients. Some companies cold press flax seeds to produce flax seed oil which also contains these health boosting properties. This powder can be thrown into delicious salads, stir fries, smoothies or soups in order to easily boost your intake.


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